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Why does Schools-Connected require payment for higher membership levels?

Weiming America is a qualified, professional liaison between schools for mutually beneficial collaborations. We provide commission-based consulting services that connect schools for programs such as student and/or teacher exchange, dual diploma options and supplemental courses. We created the Schools-Connected platform for schools and educational institutes to find each other openly, and our membership fees help us to maintain a high-quality platform where verified schools can connect to create many multi-faceted bonds easily.

Schools and institutions who have partnered with us outside of the Schools-Connected Site have free access to the platform at the “Elite” level.

Why connect to schools through this social portal versus the free networks available to the public?

Schools-Connected is a secure portal offered only to verifiable members of the global educational community. Accounts will not be approved without appropriate presentation materials or an established professional relationship. Therefore, members can make connections and arrangements with the assurance that they are dealing with reputable and verified institutions.

Elements of my profile appear to be hidden to others and I can’t view information about other members. Why?

Comprehensive profiles are only accessible at the highest level of membership. As a lower-level member, you can fill in the information for your profile. Still, only selected categories of information will be viewable by other members within the directory, based on your membership level and theirs.

Can I send messages directly to other members?

Direct messaging is open to the Connect Elite members only. If you are an Elite member, you can send a message to another member by locating their username on their profile and using the messaging platform within the profile section of your User Dashboard.

I was notified via e-mail that I received a message or group invitation, but I do not have access to an inbox where messages can be received or the group.

If other members have access to your username, it is possible they may have attempted to message you or invite you to a community group. However, if you are not at the Connect Elite level or equivalent, you will not have access to the messaging platform or groups tab within your User Dashboard. If you are an Elite member and still cannot access your message inbox or groups, please contact us for support.

Can I post promotion materials to advertise my school’s programs?

You may use this platform to create posts to showcase current and upcoming programs, events, or activities your school hosts and sponsor. As part of our Rules of Conduct, we only allow educational opportunities to be shared with the community and not promotions for private enrollment or tuition-based programs.

Can I download the materials or information from this community and share with others?

The information available on this site is for community members to access and share within the platform only. If you think another group or institution would benefit from resources or information within the Schools-Connected platform, please invite them to create a membership.

If I see a school in this community that we would like to connect with, what should I do?

If a member’s profile or posts spark your interest and you wish to connect with them, reach out via direct message or create a community group to discuss potential opportunities. If you find a great match and need assistance with the fine print of setting up a professional partnership, our Admins would be happy to assist!

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