Social Opportunities

The benefits of joining an educational network are nearly boundless. 

See below how connecting within our international community can open up new and exciting opportunities for your school. 

School Network

All members must provide verifiable information about their school / institute before Administrator approval is granted for registration.

This allows us to maintain quality connections between members and ensure a safe place for communication and resource sharing.

We partner with schools worldwide – the greater the expansion, the more opportunities to learn new languages and cultures. 

The idea behind exchange programs is not just improving language but getting a full taste of a different part of the world. Yet traveling is no longer necessary for real culture sharing and understanding. In our digital world, people can meet, share and learn wherever they are, so long as they are curious. 

Find a great sister school within our network and unleash a strong educational bond for resource sharing, greater class options and opportunities for student or teacher exchange. 

Not sure how to set that up? Let us assist with the formalities — we can even help with school matching if you are unsure where to start!

Our goal as an organization is to connect people in the name of education. The schools in our network are aligned with the vision of an internationally connected platform for sharing and exchange.

Exchange Programs

Not all schools offer exchange programs, so including these options as an addition to a course or program could provide real competitive edge. Connect with other members and spark an exchange!

Short term exchanges can offer the opportunity for students to interact with peers from a separate community or experience real time cultural differences without committing to a long time away from their home base and regular curriculum 

Design and implement a virtual club, competition or enrichment program for your students around a specific time or season to take advantage of opportunities outside of what’s available in your area.

Things like Robotics, Coding, Drama, Young Entrepreneurs, Student Forums, and much more can be developed and integrated with short-term exchange opportunities.

Students can benefit from a full academic year abroad when their language level is intermediate to advanced and they are looking for a full immersion experience.

We can help coordinate a year-long program with any of our 20+ U.S. partner schools, as well as schools from other nations within our network. 

Students are not the only ones who can benefit from an exchange program. Teachers can also gain experience and learn new techniques with an exciting opportunity to go abroad for professional development.

Exchanging teachers is a great way to expand course offerings short term with a language or other specific course outside of regular staff qualifications.

Program Development

Whether you are aiming to develop a traveling itinerary or home-based program, connecting with others to collaborate on program development makes it easy to enhance your offerings to students, teachers or even parents in your community. 

Our team has been collectively creating detailed programs across many interests for years, and we can also help custom design a unique program for your institution!

Discussion Forums

There is no limit to exciting conversations in the world of education. Jump into one of our many forum topics to share thoughts, discuss best practices, or learn new ideas. 

Curriculum Development

Whether your school is adding a new series of courses or looking to improve an existing program, find the keys to unlock fresh additions to your curriculum here. 

Classes & Resources

With online classes being implemented as regular options at more schools in recent years, the opportunities to share class offerings have become virtually limitless.

See what classes our members have to offer students outside of their communities or take advantage of the courses we make available for any school or institution.

Our English language classes span from beginner to advanced levels at all age groups and can be customized to fit a specific topic, interest, or culture. 

Whatever your English language program needs, we are confident our custom classes will have your students or teachers learning and speaking English with excitement.  

Contact us about our programs designed specifically for teachers and administrators.

Learning Chinese does not have to be difficult. With the right starting point, enthusiastic teachers, and ample practice, you or your students can be saying nihao 你好 in no time and speaking, reading or listening with confidence. 

Classes can be created for young children, adults, or anyone in between.

Students absorb language best when they are invested in the culture of the countries where the languages are spoken. 

We embed cultural lessons into all our English and Chinese classes, but we alsprovide complete courses on Chinese and American Culture to supplement existing language programs.  

Our classes are custom designed and orchestrated based on our student base and/or school need. However, we have many materials developed and ready to view and share with your students or teachers.