About Us

What schools-connected is all about, and how linking with us can benefit you. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide international learning experiences and collaboration opportunities to support and engage learners worldwide.

Who Are We

We are a group of experienced and innovative educators with a global mindset. We strive to utilize talents, resources and opportunities with the goal of bringing teachers and students together to explore, learn and grow.  

What We Promote

We believe in the capacity for learning and growth at all levels. We help connect schools to share best practices. We assist with creating collaborative projects, developing classes, designing exchange programs to enhance culture sharing and global collaboration.

There are infinite benefits to joining an educational network.

Here are just a few that we help facilitate:
Secured International School Networking
Educational Resources & Collaboration
Opportunities for Student or Teacher Exchange
Program and Curriculum Development

There is a world full of schools looking to connect for mutual benefit. Find them with us.

Why Link With Us?

We believe in the power of community.

With ever-growing and expanding global connectivity, the options for educational institutions and offerings are virtually limitless. It is our goal to unite educators and together provide today’s students with all the tools, understanding, and compassion they will need for a bright and prosperous future.

Our team comprises international educators, travelers, and otherwise culturally curious individuals. So, we get very excited about new opportunities for cross-cultural engagement. Being a part of the ever-growing globalization is what keeps us going.

Our backgrounds and histories are diverse, but though each of us brings something unique to the table, we have all been deep in the world of international education for years. We have seen first hand what’s needed to keep cultural engagements going strong and developed our programs and services around these key factors. 

The harder we work to bring people and institutions together, the greater the educational community, and the more we can  learn and grow together.

Our team develops learning material and classes to share our knowledge of language and culture as a backdrop to a student’s language learning journey or spearhead the initial dive into English or Chinese. 

Chinese and English Language Programs

We have programs developed for kids, juniors and adults with everything from absolute beginnner to upper intermediate and advanced. 

Specialty Topic
Courses and Programs

We take full advantage of our varied backgrounds and work with top curriculum designers and teachers to create all kinds of classes and programs. 

Chinese and American Culture Classes

Learning the culture around the language you are studying is key to full immersion and also increases speaking confidence and willingness to travel.